Festival Schloss Kapfenburg 

Status Quo: Interview mit Francis Rossi

Am kommenden Mittwoch (26. Juli) stehen die Hardrocker von "Status Quo" auf der Festivalbühne von Schloss Kapfenburg.  Das Lauchheimer  Open Air zu klein und Status Quo zu groß? Von wegen! Jeder Auftritt sei ihm gleich wichtig, versichert Status-Quo-Gitarrist Francis Rossi. Im Kurzinterview verrät er auf seine Art mehr. Übrigens auch, dass er mit den großen Hits nicht sparen wird. Da dürfen sich nicht nur eingefleischte Status-Quo-Fans sicherlich auf "In the army now", "Rockin´ all over the world", "Pictures of Matchstick Men" und viele andere Songs freuen.

What are the reasons for a musician to push himself back to the stage, even after a long break?

Insecure show -ffs, i.e. need to play in front of people for the gratification.

Of it…….and we all have bills to pay


Can you imagine to make music only behind closed doors or for yourself?

Initially no however now obviously that’s what I do


Have your fans grown old with you or do many young people find also pleasure in the music of Status Quo?

Yes to both however it strikes me.  What has age got to do with it.  Old or young.


The early years have passed. What is the secret to stay that long in business and to have such a great success?

There is no secret.  It just is.  If there is a secret can you please share.


How far do you have to adapt to contemporary taste?

We are the most aptly named band in the world, Status Quo.  


Is the fundamental message still the same, "Rocking all over the World?

The fundamental is music.


Will you also play the popular "oldies" at the concert at the Kapfenburg?

Yes, of course.


Which songs are an indispensable must?

All the hits!


Do you tend to look back on your long career or do you prefer to look into the future to create something new?

I’m not sure there is new however - I always tend to look forward.


Are your fans joining in autimatically or do you have to push them?

They just join in. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.


Schloss Kapfenburg is a rather small Open Air Festival. Does it make a difference to you to play for just 2000 people or a much bigger audience?

Each gig is as important as the previous or the following one.


What will you be doing after your gig? Sightseeing or off to the next show?

Off to the next show.


The Beatles "When I'm 64" are behind you, your contemporaries are already retired. Do you sometimes dream of not playing the guitar to make yourself comfortable in a deck chair?


Status Quo - The Last Night Of The Electrics Tour
Support: Das Kubinat


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Stehplatzkarten (63,50 Euro) gibt es an der Abendkasse, die um 18.00 Uhr öffnet.

Einlass ab 18.30 Uhr.


 Foto: Schloss Kapfenburg (Ross Woodhall)


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